Summer Safety: Watching Out for Dangers In and Out of the Water

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Summer time and the living is easy, unless you have children playing in and out of the water. While good times are definitely on the agenda, dangerous situations can happen

Raising Thankful Children

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Whether it’s a special holiday or a birthday, your child will probably receive plenty of gifts from relatives. While it’s very sweet of family to be so generous, sometimes their

Solutions for Stopping the Ouchies

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Nothing is worse than having a sick or injured child. As parents, it pains us to watch our children hurt. Good thing there are some great tricks out there that

Spot the Signs of Speech Delay

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By the time your child turns 18 months old, she should be saying at least 20 unique words. And as she grows, so should her vocabulary too. But what should

Your Survival Guide to Dining Out with Kids

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Going out to eat at a restaurant when you have kids can be a challenge. Some parents avoid going for fear of embarrassment but the sooner you start taking your

Smart Solutions for Uncluttering Old Clothes and Toys

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Even if you only have one child, you accumulate lots of stuff. There are all the clothes. And let’s not forget those toys and games that no one’s playing with

Brilliant Newborn Hacks You’ll Wish You Thought of First!

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It’s not easy when you first become a parent. There’s this cute but wrinkly little thing who keeps crying and you’re not entirely sure how to please him. But fortunately

Happy Baby, Happy Home – The routines you need for a harmonious home.

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Life officially changes the moment you bring home your new baby from the hospital. All your old routines will officially be a thing of the past. It’s a little confusing

Establishing Good Eating Habits Early On

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If you want to keep your child from turning into a picky eater, you’ll need to watch what you do. Too many parents make the same mistakes to accommodate a

Getting Your Toddler to Listen – No Yelling Required!

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No parent is perfect. Every one of us has yelled at our children at least once before. Children constantly try our patience and sometimes, that leads to an outburst of