This mood channel plays curated tunes to enhance your child’s mood every morning. Wake up your child with a burst of energy – listening to the best of Disney, Pixar, inspirational music, family-safe pop and movie soundtracks to set the mood for the rest of the day!

This mood channel is designed to play a little bit of this, a little bit of that and everything in between! From Disney hits to ABC songs, nursery rhymes to movie classics, this mood channel will help your kids explore a wide variety of music while finding the perfect balance between education and entertainment.

The world really is one big classroom for toddlers. They love to master new concepts, so this is the perfect channel to lay the foundation for future skills like reading and counting. This mood channel focuses on colors, numbers and letters; plays nursery rhymes, simple songs and stories all day to enhance your child’s listening and learning skills.

For generations, people throughout the world have sung lullabies to their babies as they cuddled them to sleep. Hearing soft tunes brings a sense of calmness and security to a child. This mood channel plays soft soothing tunes, lullabies and western classical music to create the perfect setting for kids to sleep. This mood channel also plays Mozart to enhance spatial-temporal reasoning.

Moods change. Every hour. Sometimes kids can be like Jekyll & Hide! A single playlist isn’t sufficient to keep them entertained around the clock.

We understand this need – and present to you 4 distinctive moods. Hit ‘Play’ on the station of your choice, and be assured your child is tuned in to the right kind of music for their mood.